The Photographer

Bernhard Huber was born and raised in Switzerland and now calls Vancouver (Canada) his home. His broad career history ranges from professional athlete, fitness instructor, beta tester, IT supporter, to graphic and web designer. 

In 2004 he decided to take on a new challenge, moved to Vancouver and pursued a career in Visual Effects. After a decade of valuable experience  in the industry he has acquired an extensive knowledge of manipulating and creating digital images, which ultimately led him to his passion for photography.

His style is often influenced by legendary movie close up shots and what intrigues him the most are details and profound features of his model. With his natural and genuine approach combined with his professional work ethic, he strives to make every client feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the lens, which ultimately reflects and results in a great headshot.

In his free time Bernhard enjoys taking photos of mundane colourful objects, people and cityscapes around the City of Vancouver and other countries. “Cinemagraphs” are another past time he just recently discovered which artistically combine still photography and video at the same time.