What to show in online dating profile pictures.

Good pictures on your online dating profile can dramatically increase your chances to get an actual date. If you have ever wondered what kind of pictures you should upload to your profile please keep reading.

  1. Show at least a few pictures in which your face is in focus an clearly visible. Medium wide shots that show your face and your torso, while your doing something interesting, work best. It makes it easy for your potential date to see your body type and also see what kind of activity you are interested in.
  2. Don't just take and old picture of you at a party and crop everybody out or blur their faces. You should have at least one picture of you on your own.
  3. In most circumstances it is best to appear alone in the image. It can be very confusing for the viewer to figure out which one of the people in the picture is actually you. This rule especially applies if you are in a picture with a member of the opposite sex (for heterosexual relationships). 
  4. Men should demonstrate pride and women should show happiness in their pictures.
  5. Women making a flirtatious face directly towards the camera get a higher chance of being contacted. Men have the best chance without smiling and looking away from the camera (according to OkCupid).
  6. Featuring drinking in your pictures is not a good conversation starter.
  7. If there is something really unique about your face like freckles or maybe a scar (eg. Harrsion Ford), don't try to hide it.
  8. Ask a friend or a professional photographer to take pictures of you but stay away from selfies taken in the bathroom through a mirror.